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Alyson Richman 2024 novel – the time keepers


Trade Paperback:  336 pages

Publisher: Union Square & Co.

ISBN-10: 1454953233

ISBN-13: 978-1454953234

Also available in hardcover.



An unforgettable novel that captures the power of longing, loss, and love, The Time Keepers transports us from 1979 suburban New York to war-torn Vietnam, revealing that sometimes the most unexpected friendships can save us.

Two women from different worlds, Grace and Anh, are indelibly changed when a runaway boy is found on a street in their small Long Island town. Brought together by the love of this child displaced by war, the women find friendship and healing from their own painful pasts when their lives intersect with a mysterious wounded Vietnam vet. The vet, Jack, works at the Golden Hours, a watch store that mends timepieces—and might even mend damaged souls. 

Richman interweaves the journeys of these wonderfully diverse characters who will grip, fill, and break your heart—only to bring them together with the care and precision of an expert watchmaker, one piece at a time. Inspired by the true story of a Vietnamese refugee who entrusted the dramatic account of her escape from Vietnam to the author, and also that of a wounded veteran, Richman sheds light on those whose lives were forever impacted by the devastation of that war.



“Once again, Alyson Richman entrances the reader with her signature lyrical prose and captivating storyline. Powerfully humanizing various perspectives of the Vietnam War, The Time Keepers interweaves the journeys of a wonderfully diverse cast. A poignant, memorable tale that I loved to the very last page.”
—Kristina McMorris, New York Times bestselling author of Sold on a Monday

"The Time Keepers holds so much power. It has the power to stop a bitter word on the very tip of your tongue. It has the power to change how you see those around you, to replace judgment and criticism with understanding and kindness. And like any truly great book, it has the power to bridge divides, to remind readers of the redemptive power of love and forgiveness, and to heal. Reading The Time Keepers is like applying a salve to an invisible wound you didn't know you had, and you will feel so many things when you finish this book: hopeful, grateful for the bonds that bring us together as humans, inspired to be better.”
—Katherine J. Chen, author of Mary B: An Untold Story of Pride and Prejudice and Joan: A Novel of Joan of Arc

“A powerful and emotional saga, woven with themes of love and compassion. The Time Keepers poignantly explores the bonds of friendship and the universal need to have a place to call home. This novel will make your heart soar.”
—Sofia Lundberg, international bestselling author of The Red Address Book

“A powerful story of longing, the pain of war, and the transformative effects of friendship. The hands of time may always move forward but Richman deftly reveals how a constant pull between past and present can co-exist in our hearts. A deeply moving testament of the capacity for the broken to heal.”
—Marjan Kamali, bestselling author of The Stationery Shop

“The Time Keepers is a magnificent and tender exploration of what it means to find a way back to ourselves in the wake of unimaginable loss.  With stunning honesty and compassion Richman braids the stories of four unique characters living in the aftermath of the Vietnam war. Together, this mismatched quartet sets out to answer some of life's most challenging questions: Is it possible to find a home among strangers who cannot begin to imagine our past? Can friendship and love bridge the divide of language, culture, and faith? And with enough patience and time, can we hope to heal our own wounded souls? Richman wrestles with these questions and more in this truly extraordinary story.”
—Lynda Cohen Loigman, bestselling author of The Matchmaker's Gift and The Love Elixir of Augusta Stern

“An astounding novel of unlikely friendships and true love gone awry. In Alyson Richman’s masterfully wrought tale, bonds are forged between families from opposite sides of the globe, loyalties are tested, and the most harrowing moments of the Vietnam War compel soldiers and civilians alike to discover the best in themselves. Once again, Richman’s brilliant storytelling doesn’t just immerse us in the past, it tells us how to live with grace and bravery today.”
—Ariel Djanikian, author of Barnes & Noble Bookclub Pick The Prospectors

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