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The Last Van Gogh Alyson Richman



The Last Van Gogh recreates the impassioned final months of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and the tragic relationship with his final muse. Both a love story and a meticulously researched historical novel, The Last Van Gogh explores the complexities between patient and doctor, painter and muse.


Trade Paperback: 320 pages

Publisher: Berkley (October 3, 2006)

ISBN: 9781101546246

Also available in hardcover.




“This beautiful book seeks the secrets of Van Gogh’s final months.”                                                 

— Vriendin Magazine


The Last Van Gogh is a balanced symphony… Richman’s style is gentle and sober. With clear, undulating prose, that is both reminiscent of the quiet village [of Auvers] and the oppressive environment of Marguerite Gachet’s home, it is as evocative as one of Van Gogh’s paintings. Richman proves she can travel through time to recreate the past.”

— Andy Arnts, En Route Magazine


"The Last Van Gogh paints an intricate portrait of a woman's life at the end of the nineteenth century… It is a powerful and poignant story."

— Tulip Magazine, Holland


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